Why is My Monitor Flickering : Check Out The Possible Causes

Posted on August 1, 2020.

Have you found the answer of why is my monitor flickering? The question might come along when you are playing game restrictedly. Imagine that you can’t enjoy and continue the game because of the flickering monitor. If you are experience this case, the first thing you need to find out is the possible causes.

On this page, you will find such information of possible cases why the monitor is flickering. The brief description will be divided into two parts which will discuss the possible causes of flickering monitor and how to fix it. This way is done to complete your searching that after finding the case you will get the solution as well. Check out the following:

Possible Causes

There are typically three possible causes of why is my monitor flickering. Those are the bad display driver, the bad connection between the monitor and the PC, and the monitor which is going worse.

  1. Bad Display Drive

Flickering on a monitor is not an uncommon thing to happen as an existing monitor problem. You need to restart in safe mode since your PC uses a generic display driver when it is switched to Safe Mode. After going in Safe Mode, you have to download the latest driver out of your graphics card manufacturer. Then restart in Normal Mode. The flickering will soon disappear.

  1. Bad Connection

The second reason of why is my monitor flickering is the bad connection. This can happen when you are using a VGA cable to connect your PC to the monitor. It is because VGA cables are analog. Many obstructions toward the display happen such as missing pin, loose connection, bad color and flickering. To get rid of this case, you may try a different cable or the same cable on another PC. If the problem persists, the problems may come from the monitor’s end. Shortly, replace the cable.

  1. Bad Monitor

The last but not least of the reason why is my monitor flickering is the bead monitor. If you possess a larger CRT monitor than a flat panel LCD or LED monitor, the monitor can go bad after a while. You may try to use different screen on your set up and check out whether or not the flickering persists. If not, it means that you need to change your old monitor.

Other Causes

Apart from the three possible causes above, there are still many other causes of flickering you can check them out here as the following:

  • There is a damaged signal cable of its connection may lose.
  • The video card may be damaged.
  • There is no optimization of display settings for the monitor.
  • The physical damage happened to the monitor.
  • The monitor drivers do not work well.
  • There is damage in the power supply.
  • Electrical disturbance may be occurred because of the speaker which is next to your monitor.
  • The nearby devices may cause strong magnetism.

Considering the issue of why is my monitor flickering, the simplest thing to do to fix it is to change your old monitor. The old monitor is commonly going bad. However, if you think you can’t afford to change the monitor by purchasing a new one, you can still have some solution of how to fix it.

How To Fix The Flickering Monitor

The number of methods comes to be successful in fixing the flickering issues. After identifying the causes of why is my monitor flickering, you may already find the answer so that you can determine which solution to help you fix the issues.

  • Update the display driver
  • Check the cables
  • Check the wire of the signal
  • Check the environment
  • Check the settings of the display
  • Check the graphic cards
  • Check the monitor
  • Replace the monitor
  • Check the electricity of the house


As a final thought, it is concluded that the question of why is my monitor flickering will get the answer as long as you are able to identify the possible causes that may happen. Make sure you carefully check the monitor and find the solutions as soon as possible.

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