What To Do If The Monitor is Not Working With 9 Solutions

Posted on May 16, 2020.

When it comes to gaming and no display appear on your monitor, what to do if the monitor not working? It becomes a confusing situation when we first turn on the computer but then the computer goes blank. Herein, we aim to show you what you must do with your monitor if it gives you nothing but an empty dark screen.

Check The Monitor

Make sure that your monitor is on “on” position. If you can’t see the power LED on the front or bottom of the monitor, you must tap the power button until it comes “on”. The power LED can be blue, green, or orange light. If no light of those color comes after several minutes waiting, then you need to proceed the next idea.

The Computer May Be Asleep

What is the sign of the computer which is asleep? It is when you stepped away from your computer for couple of seconds and returned to an empty screen. Try to move your mouse, click the mouse buttons, or press whatever key. Check whether or not the computer is waking up after you hold the mouse and clicks. If there is no response, it is suggested that you press the power button.

Loose Connections

The next what to do if the monitor not working is to see how to connect the monitor. In some cases, loosing connection may be a cause of the blank monitor. That’s why you must check out carefully the connection. If it proves loosing connections, you must find out how to connect the monitor.

Check the Data Cable

Have you checked the monitors’ data transfer cable which is connected to internet? make sure it is connected and completely inserted firmly in its position. DVI and HDMI cable and port are usually used by most new displayed.

Check The Power Cable

The next what to do if the monitor is not working is to check the power cable. Make sure you have plugged in the power cable to the wall outlet. Necessary check is also a must to verify the light on the front or bottom of the monitor’s bezel. If you find the power cord is removable from the back part of the monitor of your PC, you need to replace it with another power cable.

Check The LED Status

Simply move the mouse or press any key of the keyboard to help you reconnect the data cable to the computer and start to restart your computer until the status light which is located on the bottom of the monitor’s bezel is orange or flashing.

Try Different Cable

If the monitor keeps displaying nothing, what to do if the monitor is not working is to try different cable. In this case, you may try DVI, HDMI, or Dipslay Port cable to awake the monitor.

Check the Brightness and Contrast

It is also suggested that you check the brightness and contrast on your monitor’s settings menu by turning them up. It is because the screen may be blank due to the brightness and contrast setting which are getting low.

Hardware Issue

If the monitor keeps displaying nothing but the blank page only, it is likely that your computer may need to change the monitor, video card, or motherboard. To make it sure, you can best borrow a monitor of someone else’s computer and connect it to your blank computer. If it works, it means that your monitor is going bad. You need to replace it with the new one if you want a fast solution.

If it is not about the monitor, you must do the same way about the video card or motherboard. If this works well, oh God, it is true that you must experience the bad hardware.


It is often confusing when we suddenly have a blank monitor. There are a lot of things listed as what to do if the monitor is not working. Although the 9 tips given seem difficult to try and apply, however, you will be able to do it every time you have the same problem with your monitor.

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