The 6 Answer Of What Does A Computer Monitor Say No Signal

Posted on August 1, 2020.

What does a computer monitor say no signal is the common confusing questions arise among the computer users. When you are working with the computer or playing game and find the message entitled “No Signal”, it is not actually a message coming from your computer but from your display device. It indicates that the display has nothing to view.

This case often occurs when you start up the computer. I personally experience this “No Signal” case many times. Therefore, on this special site I would like to share you about what does a computer monitor say no signal.

There might be some possible causes existing toward “No Signal” problem on your computer monitor. The display point of view shows that it is not a big deal. It is just one of the simple situations. When you are expecting a signal and you don’t get it, the display sends you a message what’s going on.

As simple as that situation, you may simply check some possible causes as follows:

On-Off Between The Display and The Computer

It is common to occur that the display is on while the computer is not. It is might be because of human ignorance. You may forget to turn on the computer so that the signal does not appear to your monitor. For this case, you can check your computer as well as your monitor. Turn of the monitor and start to turn on both your computer and your monitor.

Disconnection of The Cable

You may find the answer of what does a computer monitor say no signal that the cable which is connecting the computer to the display is disconnected. It can happen under the situation that you miss to connect it or due to some unintentional movement of another devices nearby so that the cable removes.

Faulty Connection of The Cable

Faulty connection of the cable can also become one of the causes of “No Signal”. Sometimes, you might connect the cable improperly. In other words, you may connect the cable but it is not in the right place supposed to.

Hibernate Mode Of the Computer

“No Signal” appearing on the computer monitor can also because of the hibernate mode of the computer. This mode often makes the display off so that it appears no signal when you start up again. Well, this is one of the problems of what does a computer monitor say no signal.

The Existence of Multiple Display Input and Output

When your computer has multiple display inputs, it is possible for you to select the wrong one. Or perhaps, when your computer has multiple display output, one output of the display may not enable. This problem is considered a common one when you have an external display to work with a laptop.

Broken Computer

When you have checked all the on-off of your computer and your monitor as well as the hardware and it still appears “No Signal”, you might assume that your computer is broken. Herein, you must call the person who is able and expert in computer to examine what actually happens with your computer. If you need to change your computer, well, it is suggested that you find the new one for more satisfactory.


Out of the 6 possible cases as the answer of what does a computer monitor say no signal, we might come to conclude that the misconnection and wrong connection between the cables which is relating the computer to the monitor is the major causes. Now that you have had this information, you can be able to check either your computer or your monitor if you find “No Signal” problem.

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