Monitor Repair Cost And Benefits: Repair or Replace All Things?

Posted on May 23, 2020.

Almost everyone has experienced the unfortunate situation where they accidentally stepped on or dropped their electronic gadget that ended up cracking the monitor screen. In some cases, a cracked screen can still be used but there are some cases where you simply need to replace the entire screen.

You cannot replace part of the glass, you simply need to replace the whole screen. Now, if you are an independent college student or someone who is currently on low budget, you would probably think twice before taking your cracked laptop to the nearest service store. To help you understand, consider these monitor repair cost and benefits below!

Is it Expensive?

Generally speaking, most laptop monitors might run somewhere in the vicinity of as low as $60 to $200. Some might think it’s inexpensive. The price actually depends on whether or not the screen has touch capabilities.

Additionally, you can easily find the correct monitor screen online. All you need to do is do a little search of the model and make of your tech. it might require you to use the actual model number available on the ID tag located on the bottom. This will provide you with a listing of vendors advertising the screen you are in need of.

Moreover, it wouldn’t hurt to try to offset the cost by selling your broken gadget. Always compare the cost of repairing a broken monitor to the cost of buying new one to determine how much you would make if you sold the old item. If it’s any consolation, a lot of people would actually pay good money for broken tech on online sites like eBay. That way, you can offset the cost of an upgrade easily by selling your old tech. That being said, if repairing your broken monitor would cost you $400, then you could practically buy a new one by adding a few hundred more. The most important thing is that you should do some research first.

Is it Necessary?

We’ve covered the general idea of monitor repair cost and benefits of having your screen fixed include enhancing the interaction with the computer. This advantage is very noticeable if you often make a video call with your family or friends. Being able to see them clearly on the cams make the interaction a very pleasant experience. Besides, the process of replacing a new monitor is relatively easy. It might even take less than an hour if you happen to be competent with a small screwdriver and pulling the monitor casing pieces apart. While you might need to pay $ 120 if you take it to a tech, watching at instructional videos on how to repair a monitor on YouTube would cost you nothing!

However, if you think replacing it on your own will further damage your computer, then taking it to a professional is probably the safest alternative. Even if it costs quite a lot, there are actually some benefits you will get though, such as:

  • You’ll get full hardware diagnostics
  • You’ll get memory and hard drive upgrades
  • You can order parts and have them installed

Such services are available both with warranty and out of warranty hardware repairs like monitors on Dell, Apple, as well as Lenovo.

Other model computers may include memory and hard drive replacement service as well (out-of-warranty service)

You can also get software repair service such as:

  • Data recovery and disaster evaluation
  • Software and operating system installation
  • Wireless and network troubleshooting
  • Spyware, virus and adware removal

Instead of buying a brand new device, if your item happens to have a sentimental value then replacing the broken monitor would be the wisest action. Did these monitor repair cost and benefits discussion encourage you to replace it with a new one or repair it?

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