LED VS LED Monitors For Gaming? Which One To Go?

Posted on July 21, 2020.

There has been an endless debate about which one to go for LED vs LCD monitor for gaming. Before going further about which one to go with the monitor for gaming whether you use LED or LCD, let’s start by understanding the basic difference between LED and LCD.

LED stands for light emitting diode which is usually used in TV and monitors. It has a depth which is very short and has lighter light than the other types of screen alternatives. Differs in backlighting from LCD, LED screens have a series of light emitting diodes that can help illuminate the screen. As there is a large number of light sources, LED screens provide some features which head to lower energy consumption although they cost much more.

Meanwhile, LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Displays which is used in almost daily object of ours such as tablet, TV, Laptop and other smart watches. LCD screens are quite thinner and have low energy consumption if it is compared to the screens of CRT (Cathode Ray Tube). LCD screens are basically composed of special liquid which is squeezed between two screens panels to illuminate the screens. Then it is activated when it is connected to a current. LCD screens have their backlight either on the side or in the back of the panel screen. LCD screens use CCFL to support their backlighting.

Considering the basic difference of LED and LCD, let’s start to compare LED and LCD for gaming monitors so that we can find which one to go about LED vs LCD monitor for gaming.

LED Screens For Gaming Monitor

LED monitor screens use less energy and have better response time. Besides, it is best described that LED screens are thinner and lighter. Some other benefits of having LED screens monitor for gaming is that the monitor would have better colors, brightness, and contrast.

If you are willing to get a good monitor for gaming, LED screens are best recommended. You will be able to organize the color, brightness and contrast settings when you are playing game. The low brightness and contrast you set up will give you such advantages of having no eye-strain. You will also have a better vision as you can set up the monitor either darker or brighter.

The better response time of LED screens makes the monitors more attractive for the gamers.

LCD Screens For Gaming Monitor

Compared to LED screens, LCD screens are best described to have lower prices, lower contrast and brightness as well as lower chance of burn-in case. Burn-in is the case that the monitor experiences during the long time used. It will make the ghostly permanent images on the screen. LCD screens tend to prevent this burn-in on the monitor when you are running on video games for a long time.

When it comes to gaming, you can set up your monitor settings either the higher or lower contrast and brightness. If you set up the higher contrast and brightness, you will have a risk to tire your eyes. On the other hand, if you set up the lower, you will be able to prevent the eye-strain.

The lower responses of LCD screens also enable you to have more attractive monitor. The active matrix screen displays provide you an improvement of screen refresh time.


Finally we can come to the conclusion that LCD screens are more likely proper as monitor for gaming. Considering the flexible settings you may set up, it provides you an ease and comfort in playing games. However, to think about LED vs LCD monitors for gaming, it is much based on your preference.

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