How to Take Care Of Computer Monitor

Posted on August 8, 2020.

One of the most important parts of a computer is the monitor itself. A highly functioning CPU means nothing if the monitor fails to display images on the screen. Knowing how to take care of your computer monitor is imperative especially for individuals who spend so much time in front of their computers. If you want to maintain its longevity, then read on!

Surge Protector

You need make use of a surge protector. Note that you should never plug your display into the wall current directly as damage caused by an electrical spike generally is not covered by warranties provided by manufacturer. Therefore, it’s better to use surge protector, preferably one that is of good-quality.

Mind the Vents

The air vents on the sides or top of the monitor should never be covered. Doing so may very well lead to a dangerous heat buildup. If it constantly happens, components might get damaged and consequently will shorten their lives. It’s highly recommended that you use a new paintbrush periodically or even the brush attachment of a vacuum cleaner in order to get rid of accumulated dust on the ventilation holes of the monitor. This is a particularly simple way how to take care of your computer monitor that can contribute a lot to your monitor’s durability. Bottom line, you need to place or use your computer on soft surfaces such as bed or carpeted floors for it will prevent the air from flowing through the computer. Another great way to avoid overheating is to invest in a fan or cooling pad.

Leave the Monitor On

Did you know that when power on your computer first applied is considered as one of the most dangerous moments in an electronic component’s life? It’s not always a good idea to suddenly turn on your computer after it’s been turned off for so long the component is practically cold. Turning your monitor on and off so often should be avoided as it could be dangerous when the component goes from uncharged and cold to full of electricity and warm.

Take a Look at the Connections

The cable between the video card and the monitor must not pinched or crimped. You need to ensure that it is attached firmly at each end. Should you need to make some adjustments and it just so happens that the monitor has a detachable cable, then unplug it and re-plug it into the receptacle on the monitor. It sounds simple, right? But did you know that it could remove any corrosion and reset a loose connection on any of the connectors?

In case it does not work then simply unplug and the monitor cable at the computer end and reconnect it. In doing so, you might need the help of a thumbscrew or a screwdriver in order to unlock the connection before unplugging it. You should use these locking screws when re-pluggin the cable too.

Klutzproof the Monitor

Lastly but obviously, you need to make sure that the monitor itself is installed on a sturdy desk safely. The cable should be properly out of tripping range of any passersby. Kindly note to never place cups of soda or coffer anywhere in the vicinity.

Lastly, you can use a damp soft cloth to remove dust from the monitor. Dust can decrease airflow and thus resulting in overheating. Picking up Air Dusters is a simple step to clean dust on a regular basis. If you use a soft cloth then damp it and wipe the monitor carefully downward very gently. Remember not to press too hard on to the screen.

If you’ve worked so hard to get your computer, then it’s almost crucial to know how to take care of your computer monitor because it’s a valuable electronic investment. Wanting to take care of it properly should be a basic instinct.

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