9 Best Ways To Improve Your Monitor

Posted on August 7, 2020.

Have ever thought of some ways to improve your monitor? Perhaps, you could sit behind the desk and computers for the whole day without considering how to improve your monitor in order to perform better. Thus, your visit to our page is the right choice to find some valuable information about how to improve the monitor. We aim to show you the ways, so give us your ten minutes now!

Fit The Monitor For The Best Picture

Although you are coming without background study of graphic design or video editor, you are certainly able to fit the color to be consistent and accurate.  Touch up the photos and correct the colors are the best you can do first. Make sure you have turned on the display and set up the native screen resolution. Be familiar with your display control. Look at the front panel and see button near the power button to switch the input, open, and navigate the “on” screen options menu. Find your colors, contrast, and brightness control.

Choose the Game with Higher Resolution than Your Monitor Support

The next tip of the ways to improve your monitor is to play the game with higher resolution than the monitor support. Use the lesser-known type of anti-aliasing to get the sharper images during gaming only if your monitors’ native resolution is not that compatible with the games you want to play.

Hide Your Stuff Behind The Monitor

If you have a desk with less space, you might use your monitor to hide all the necessary stuff nearby. Those can be your laptop, cables or external hard drive. This will make your desk free and easy.

Pair Your Monitor with Your Tablet

Paring the monitor with the tablet means that you are not using your main monitor, however, you are about offloading some windows to your tablet to make the screen look more real. This application will connect your mobile device to the monitor.

Use Your Monitor for The Background Of The Photo

Taking more professional-looking photos is possible by using the perfect backdrop. Just seek a good background for your monitor and set the object you are capturing in front of the monitor. As a simple example, when you use a blue background, you will easily have “blue screen”. This idea is very good in making your desk feel more spacious.

Maximize Your Multiple Monitors

It is common to say that staying with just one small monitor is so sticking. Therefore, many of us like to make two, three and even many more monitors to feel the screen as real as possible. This is one of the ways to improve your monitor amazingly. You can maximize your dual monitors or the multi-monitor by referring to the guidelines about how to set up more monitors.

Control Your Monitor Using Apps and Shortcuts

Although your monitor has been featured by built-in tools for basic settings tweaks, you are able to use apps and the keyboard shortcuts to adjust your screen automatically. if you want to put your monitor quickly in certain menu such as sleep, you can simply use the shortcuts.

Tweak Your Monitor To Read Better

Many of us feel uncomfortable to read books or articles on the computers. It is not eye-friendly. However, you can use the adjustable monitor stands which is calibrating especially for reading. The screen of the monitor will be extended and modified.

Buy the Best New Monitor

Buying the best new monitor seems to be the greatest idea among the ways to improve your monitor. Sometimes, it is good to upgrade the monitor to make better workspace. Although you will spend more in your budget, however, this idea is coming with minimum effort.


Over the 9 best ways to improve your monitor, you might be inspired by one of which suit you best. I personally recommend the last idea as the best way only if you can afford it. Otherwise, you can still try the other tips as well.

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