4 Top And Best Gaming Monitor Under 200

Posted on August 7, 2020.

When it’s time to gaming, one should think about the best gaming monitor under 200 due to the fact that monitor plays a very important role. Can you expect the affordable monitor without spending a lot of money? Oh surely you can because the best gaming monitor under 200 is also existing.

To fill the expectation of the serious gamers to find the very affordable monitor, we aim to show some best gaming monitor which has cheap price that is under 200. You will be very happy to hear that. So make up your minds about the following top models we are suggesting.

Acer H226HQL Bid 21.5-Inch WideScreen LCD Monitor

This product becomes popular for its cheap widescreen monitors. Beside, Acer H226HQL Bid 21.5-Inch WideScreen LCD Monitor has a stylish slim bezel design that makes it loveable. Manufactured by the top brand such as Acer, this type of gaming monitor delivers an outstanding performance.

Besides having an amazing cheap price which is under 200, this monitor type offers IPS panel technology. It will give you impeccable viewing angels supported by the 178 degrees for either horizontal or vertical. Although there is angles for the viewing, however, this monitor presents a good image quality.

What makes people love this unit is that the colors displayed are vibrant and precise at the same time. Moreover, one of the top point offered by this monitor is the quality of the screen to display you video games and movies.

BenQ ZOWIE RL2455T 24 Inch Full HD Gaming Monitor

As one of the best gaming monitor under 200, this type is considered to be a stronger monitor which is best used for computers, televisions, and other electronics. This model comes also with an affordable price but it carries top features, too.

One of the top points that most people like about this unit is the fast response. It provides 1ms response time and become great when it should eliminate lag. You will also have a better performance of gaming by the feature of ultra-low input lag technology. You can extremely go with the refresh rate which is up to 75Hz.

The greatest part of this model is the exclusive color enhancer. The dark gaming scenes will be enhanced by the black equalizer to make the color visible when it comes to gaming in dark environment.

Asus 24-Inch Full HD FreeSync Gaming Monitor

Asus 24-inch gaming monitor comes as one of the best gaming monitor under 200 with the response time recognition. This model is completed with the GameFast technology to minimize the input lag which means you will have a fast response time.

Asus 24-inch gaming monitor offers a flexible connectivity, too. The dual HDMI connectivity enables you to connect the PC to the model using the ports. It also carries a smart cable management on the stand to clean the gaming areas.

The visuals appearance of this unit is very smooth due to the AMD FreeSync technology. It is great in the gaming of shooters, racing, and real-time strategic games.

BenQ GL2460HM 24-Inch Full HD 1080p 2ms LED Gaming Monitor

This is another option of best gaming monitor under 200. The overall performance is coming with multiple features. You will be able to enjoy the game along with this gaming monitor. Designed to serve you an enjoyable gaming, this monitor type is measured 16mm slim bezel display. Your desktop will look nice and great by this monitor size. The best performance is also offered by the fast response time you could get with this model.


Overall, you might conclude that it is always possible to get one monitor among the 4 best gaming monitor under 200. All you need to do is that you can find more complete information before finally make a decision that is choosing the gaming monitor suiting your budget. Don’t hesitate to find it to fulfill your expectation and enjoyment of gaming without spending much money.

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