Wok Versus Skillet Comparison Review, Which One That Fits For You

Posted on May 31, 2020.

If you are confused of whether to choose wok or skillet, no worry! We come with the review of wok versus skillet to spring up your mind about them along with the detailed information including the strength and weaknesses. Perhaps, they present the same functionalities, however, they could be different in some cases.

Skillet is likely modern invented while wok is an old traditional design cookware. They must have their own functionality and task suitability. Which one you will choose over the other is much depending on some factors, too. Apart from this, let’s now just refer to the following section to get to know more about the two kinds of cookware.


Wok for kitchen

Most women have a wok in their kitchen. What about you? Have you ever used a wok to cook? If you are just new to kitchen utensils, well, stay with us for not more than ten minutes.

A wok is a traditional cooking utensils with round bottom. Many Asian countries use woks from years to years due to its multi-function features. A wok can primarily function to stir-fry, steam, boil, braise, sear, stew, roast nuts, deep fry and poach any kind of foods.

A wok is constructed from a variety of materials but the best of which is carbon steel. It is the pre-seasoned material to provide a nonstick surface. Traditionally, a wok works out to cook or fry in a high temperature.

The main capability offered by wok is the stir-frying technique which is quickly searing food at a high temperature. In this concern, cooking by a wok requires more attention. Soap and detergent are never recommended for cleaning. Instead, you must use the traditional bamboo whisk or a chain-mail cleaner which is especially created to wash or clean wok.

Now we can draw both the wok strengths and weaknesses down below.


  • The high temperature featured by a wok enables you to cook fast. Hence, you can also save your times.
  • The carbon steel material constructed this cookware provides a nonstick surface which is very much useful for cooking.
  • Woks are extremely versatile.
  • Wok’s bottom are flattened to adapt to western kitchens.


  • Cooking using woks need a bit of care when it’s time for cleansing.



Wok versus skillet! Which one will you finally choose? Now it’s time to get to know more about skillet. Well, skillet is likely designed to be more modern in style along with the flexible handle to help you easily cook. Skillet is similar to saute pan yet it has slightly flared. Again, it provides you to easily access the food by stiring.

The best skillet is constructed from cast iron. Due to its pre-seasoned designed, skillet comes as a nonstick cookware from years to years. It is wonderful for all kinds of dishes preparation, from chicken pot or dissert pies to pancakes, eggs, and cornbread. Cast iron skillet usually comes with a heat-resistant handles to make the users able to go into the oven.

Besides cast iron, other materials that contribute to the skillet construction are stainless steel or aluminum with a nonstick coating. These materials enable the skillet to provide the “hot pan” and “cold fat” technique.


  • The pre-seasoned feature of a skillet allows for a quick rinse.
  • It has an ovenproof handles, allowing you to go into the oven safely.
  • It comes with a pour spout to help you easily pour the liquids from the skillet.
  • Skillet is noticeably durable. So it will last for generations.
  • The skillet which has stainless steel handle is cool to be on the stove and safe for oven and broilers.
  • The skillet with aluminum core provides a better heat distribution.


  • The skillet’s price may be more expensive than the wok’s due to the design and construction. Yet the quality and functionality are worth the price.

Wok or Skillet Now?

Wok versus skillet which one will you choose now? These both pieces of cookware are versatile and great additions to your kitchen utensils. However, they are interchangeable. They both comes with their own features and functionalities. You cannot just expect to cook whatever kinds of meals using wok or skillet only. For example, you cannot expect to make a Spanish tortilla in your wok. Well, you must use a skillet.

If there is enough space left in your kitchen, it would be better to possess both of these cookware. Out of the review of the strengths and weaknesses of each cookware, you must have something in your mind about which to purchase. This way, when you are required to choose one over the other, skillet would be the best consideration. Partially, it is because skillet is designed to suit almost all manners of dish.

To convince yourself more, you can always come to our page and read this review again.

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