Tramontina Pans Review – The 3 Winning Pieces

Posted on May 27, 2020.

Tramontina is one of the most popular (and also the most reputable) cookware brands in the culinary  world, so it is important to read and understand Tramontina pans review to know the best features and specs of each product. You’d be surprised to know that there are actually a lot of collections and variants from this brand. That’s why the review can be handy to help you make a decision. It’s a good thing that there are several winning candidates that you can choose for your cooking convenience and enjoyment.

Tramontina Cast Iron Enameled Skillet


From the design alone, this pan is visually appealing and gorgeous. With vibrant and bold color, this piece is a nice addition to your kitchen. Thanks to the vibrant porcelain enamel finish on the exterior, the cookware is elegant and beautiful. Not to mention that it is included within the Gourmet Collection, which is basically a premium variant that are created with the best workmanship and the finest material to create the most impressive outcome. This is also a great cookware for slow cooking, frying, baked dishes, and also braised meats.

There are many things to like about this cookware. If you read Tramontina pans review, you will see that the colored finish isn’t only good to make the pan look beautiful, but it also strengthens the durability of the cookware. It is tough with easy to clean exterior – promoting long lasting effect. The pan is also constructed from durable and tough construction. It helps in heat distribution evenly so the food can be tenderized slowly. The interior is covered in smooth and beautiful porcelain enamel to promote easy cooking as well as easy cleaning. The interior has the matching easiness with the exterior, so it would be super easy to care for the pan.

The cookware has the so-called convenient and nice pouring lid that will make pouring easier. With such a feature, you won’t have to worry about creating a mess or dealing with a spill. If there is a liquid or any leftover oil, you won’t have to worry about cleaning it up from the pan. Let’s not forget that the pan is also compatible with the oven, able to reach up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Is it convenient to use the pan? You can be sure about it!

The positive things about this cookware include the beautiful finish will be a nice addition to the kitchen. Not to mention that the cookware has a solid and sturdy construction that will ensure durability. It is also super easy to clean the pan. However, you need to use a certain type of oil if you want to enjoy easy cooking and clean-up. Not all kinds of oil will deliver the non-stick result

Tramontina Professional 12-Inch Pan

Tramontina Professional


This fry pan has a very simple design with a sturdy construction. It is safe to say that it has beautiful look with the satin finish on the exterior. If you check the Tramontina pans review, you will see that the design is simple and yet attractive and artistic. And let’s not forget that it has NSF certificate which means that the cookware has met the professional standards for premium cookware used by the professionals and used within professional (kitchen) settings.

As a result, the non-stick coat is handy to promote easy (and convenient) cooking –as well as cleaning. Since there won’t be any food that sticks on the surface, you won’t have to deal with excessive cleaning such as scrubbing. And the non-stick coating is safe – not made from dangerous chemical substances, like PFOA, cadmium, or lead. There won’t be any food contamination or metal leaking that can harm your food.

On the positive notes, the cookware has a flawless balance and a nice weight feel to it. The pan is handy to cook different kinds of food (omelet, pork, steak, fish, etc) and cooking methods (searing, sautéing, etc). Moreover, with proper seasoning, you can make sure that this pan will last for good. On the negative side, though, you can’t use this pan in high heat or you will risk damaging it.

Tramontina Stainless Steel Gourmet Prima Fry Pan



This is a part of premium cooking line that is compatible with induction cooktop. With Tri-Ply base and impact bonded material, this cookware isn’t only tough, but it is also super functional in delivering impressive cooking result. And with 12-inch in diameter, the pan is generous enough in providing sufficient number of dishes for the whole family. With the simple design and supporting handle, you are guaranteed to enjoy your cooking experience without drama or complication. The pan has 18/10 stainless steel structure that will ensure long lasting use as well as making the cookware durable.

The construction isn’t only good for the overall design, but it is also helpful for efficient heat distribution. You should be able to enjoy both even and fast heat distribution so your foods can be prepared and cooked thoroughly. And let’s not forget about the overall structure either. The pan comes with a sleek, classy, and yet modern design that promotes a flared edge. With modern lines, you can enjoy drip-less and easy pouring that won’t cause any spillage. The handles are secured with riveted construction so you can enjoy the firm and yet comfortable grip. And with the extra lids and handles (which are constructed in elegant look), you can enjoy the easiness and simplicity in preparing the food without compromising the taste.

This cookware is compatible with all kinds of cooktops, even the induction. Can you use it in the oven? Absolutely! It is oven friendly, up to 260 degrees Celsius or 500 degrees Fahrenheit. The pan has a nice flared edge for drip-less and easy pouring so you won’t have to create a messy kitchen. If you read the Tramontina pans review, you will see that most people are quite happy with it.

In the overall benefits, this cookware is comfortable to use. It is quite convenient and nice to use and clean. However, the side walls don’t have any heat distribution feature – not like multi-clad products.

Those are some of the best candidates for the pans from Tramontina. Make sure to read Tramontina pans review so you know which one to choose.

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