Saute Pan vs Fry Pan General Facts and Comparison

Posted on May 15, 2020.

All these years, people have always wondered about sauté pan vs fry pan. Some people believe that they are generally the same, while others believe that they are different – although they may share only slight differences. If you want to enjoy greater convenience while cooking, knowing the basic knowledge and facts about these items can be helpful. So, what are they and how they are different?

Understanding the Terms

You should know that there is a general confusion about fry pan, skillet, and sauté pan. It’s because the three of them have almost similar design and construction, and they can look alike. If you want to gain a better understanding of sauté pan vs fry pan, then knowing the basic facts should help.

sauté pan vs fry pan

In general, pans are coming in a general term. There are so many different types of pans – each of which has its own functions and use. You have sauce pan, fry pan, sauté pan, and so much more – including stock pot. If you want to differentiate each of them, you need to know the basic difference.

A fry pan is often referred to as skillet. It has slight rounded walls with a flat bottom. This kind of pan is great for grilling, fast searing, and making dishes with sauces, oil, and other liquid ingredients and agents. A sauté pan, on the other hand, is designed to handle more movements. It has almost similar design to the fry pan, but it has flat walls (not rounded) with a flat bottom. It usually has a cover so you can shake, shift, or stir the foods without having to worry about spillage or creating a mess.

A sauce pan isn’t only designed to make sauces. It usually has taller walls to accommodate a high amount of liquid because it is perfect for reheating sides, whisking gravies, and simmering soups. It can even be used to fry or broil, so a sauce pan is generally more versatile. And for the stock pot, it can accommodate big volumes of water or even broth.

Designs and Functions

So, what can you learn further from sauté pan vs fry pan? In an overall sense, a sauté pan and a fry pan can be used interchangeable. A sauté pan is also referred to as the skillet because both of them have slanted sides (the rounded walls). The sides are designed to boost quicker cooking method and to make frying process easier. When you have to move the ingredients quite often, the fry pan can be a suitable pick.

The pan is just great for dishes that can be served right away from the frying pan. Not to mention that these pans are usually made from similar metal or material – and they also come within the similar diameter. Although each of them is designed for specific duties (as described above), it doesn’t mean that each of them can’t be used for other tasks. For instance, a fry pan is designed for searing and grilling while a sauté pan is for tossing and flipping. But it doesn’t mean that a fry pan can’t be used for flipping or a sauté pan can’t be used for grilling.

sauté pan vs fry pan

sauté pan vs fry pan

If you have to break it down to smaller details, here is goes. A fry pan has a rather rounded walls or slanted sides. A sauté pan has straight sides. So from the look alone, you should be able to differentiate them both. A sauté pan has wider and bigger cooking surface because of the straight sides. A fry pan has a relatively smaller cooking surface because of the rounded sides. Well, it isn’t too small but it is definitely smaller than the sauté pan. Another significant feature is that a sauté pan usually has its own cover or lid whereas a fry pan doesn’t. But in some brands, some sauté pans may not have covers, so you should be detailed about it.

Final Words

From these descriptions, you can see that it is so easy to get lost within different kinds of cookware and cooking equipment. But even when the sauté pan and fry pan look the same, they have a slight difference from functions and design. From physical appearance alone, you can tell the difference of the sauté pan and the fry pan if you want to observe the look in details. They may be made from similar materials and they may come in similar size, but if you know the details, you can always differentiate them both.

Both pans have their own handles – some can be longer than the others. But if one comes with a cover and you can enjoy a flexible food management and maneuverability, then you have yourself a sauté pan. But feel free to use those pans for whatever cooking needs that you want. There is no need to focus too much on sauté pan vs fry pan differences.

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