Frying Pan (Buying Guides)

Have you ever imagined if there is no frying pan in your kitchen? Food will never be probably ready for you and your family. It proves that a frying pan is one of the most vital kitchen utensils you must have in the kitchen.

A frying pan is also called a skillet. It is designed specifically with the flat-bottom used for frying, searing and browning foods. It typically has 20 to 30 along with the low sides and flare outwards. A long handle is usually added to support the easy way of handling it securely.

If you are new to kitchen utensils, here are the detailed information you have to check out.


There are more materials constructing a frying pan ranging from aluminum or anodized aluminum, cast iron, copper, stainless steel to a clad stainless steel with copper core or aluminum. A frying pan is traditionally made of cast iron, however, today’s frying pans are mostly constructed from stainless steel or aluminum.

To add a nonstick feature to the pan, a coating is frequently applied. This makes you easily take off the food out of the pan and make an effortless cleansing. Most people are searching for a nonstick pan nowadays, leading the manufacturer to produce them accordingly.

There are basically two types of fraying pan you found in the market. They are electric and nonstick. Each of them performs its own functionalities, however, a bit difference exists.

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