Getting The Basic Facts About Griddle vs Skillet

Posted on June 3, 2020.

Do you know the basic differences of griddle vs skillet? Most people don’t really know the differences between the two – thinking that these types of cookware are just the same. But you should know that each type of cookware is different as each of them is created (and designed) to meet a certain purpose. So, if you want to gain the best advantages from each of the cookware, it would be helpful to understand the unique characteristics of each piece so you can make an educated (and also a wise) decision.

Understanding Griddle

A griddle is often referred to as the flatter cousin of the grills – yes, the ones that are used for grilling and making barbecue. A griddle comes in a design of a big (and flat) surface with handles. They are almost the same like the baking tray, and yet a griddle looks like a cooking pan too. The greatest perks of a griddle is its ability to resist high temperature while retaining the perfect taste and flavor. The latter ones are the special treats distinguishing the griddle from a regular tray.

A griddle offers flexible and versatile use. You can use the griddle for indoor and also outdoor setting. When used indoors, the cookware is quite fun to use – it is super useful when you want to have a barbecue menu. However, you can also use the cookware outdoor – and it will shine just perfectly. Feel free to fix up shrimp, bacon, seafood, eggs, steaks, veggies, and even waffles without breaking a sweat.

Of course, a griddle has its own downsides and flaws. When you use it, you won’t find any traditional sear marks (which are usually left by grill pans or grills). You will also find out that a griddle has more area – it isn’t exactly easy on the portability. But when it comes to flavors and tastes, you won’t have to worry about a thing. You can still expect exceptional taste and premium taste for your culinary enjoyment.

Understanding Skillet

In griddle vs skillet, a skillet is similar to a fry pan. When you take out a pan to make your favorite omelet, you are taking out the skillet. In terms of designs, this cookware comes in a pan design with slanted sides. When compared to a sauté pan with its straight sides, the skillet has slanted forms. A skillet can be handy to roast or fry veggies or to make pancakes, omelets, bacon, eggs, and fried nuggets. You can even fix up a light-hearted steak with it. The versatile use is the reason why people like using the skillet.

griddle vs skillet

On the positive sides, the skillet offers a longer lasting functionality – because most of them are made from stainless steel with the non-stick steel. It is more portable too. But on the negative sides, a skillet isn’t able to offer a smoky texture and taste –which can be offered by the grills. Not to mention that a skillet has a smaller cooking area or surface. Sure, you can find skillets that can leave sear marks for your steak, but these products are generally rare – and if you can find one, they are usually more expensive.

Different Cooking Purposes

As it was mentioned before, each cookware is designed and created to meet different functions and use. Skillets are used to roast and fry, while griddles can be used to smoke and roast foods properly. If you enjoy traditional barbecue, and you often hold family gatherings, then griddles would be the perfect pick. Thanks to the combination of smoky hotness and big cooking area, you will enjoy the roasting and grilling so much. Griddles are also perfect for cooking foods in high temperature.

griddle vs skillet

The skillets, on the other hand, won’t be able to handle high temperature. Not to mention that they are smaller too. You can always smoke the food with skillets, but don’t expect to find the same perfection as offered by the griddles. However, skillets are perfect for indoor cooking and frying. With this type of cookware, you can achieve perfect taste in shrimp and taste in general.

Cons of Each Cookware

In griddle vs skillet comparison, there are some cons of the griddles:

  • They are more difficult to use –especially on small stove
  • They won’t leave any sear mark to the cooked food
  • They have bigger cooking area, but they offer lesser portability

For skillets, the major cons are:

  • They won’t leave any sear mark on the food
  • They are more difficult to smoke food
  • They can’t reach up higher temperature
  • They have smaller area, which means that they won’t be able to accommodate more food


Now that you already know the pros and cons of each cookware, you should be able to make an educated decision of which one you like more. Hopefully, the griddle vs skillet facts can help you make a better decision.

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