Carbon Steel Pan Reviews – 5 Product Options to Choose

Posted on May 22, 2020.

You may want to check carbon steel pan review before deciding to buy one for your culinary needs. Sure, you probably think that all cookware is just the same, but different materials will lead to different outcome. Stainless steel cookware is durable and tough while aluminum cookware will deliver fast and efficient heat. Cookware from carbon steel is usually lightweight and hard wearing. They also distribute heat more evenly and faster when compared to other materials. Carbon steel is easier and more versatile to control than cast iron. And it is more durable than copper, stainless steel, and the regular non-stick cookware.

Another thing to like about the material is its ability to stand high heat. You won’t have to worry about damaging it or whatsoever. Because of its flexibility and durability, such a cookware is liked by almost everyone, including amateur and professional chefs. You can make anything with it, including steaks, potatoes, fish, scallops, fried rice, or casseroles through different methods of baking, oven broiling, sautéing, browning, braising, and also stovetop cooking. So, what are the best candidates for you?

De Buyer Mineral B Carbon Steel Pan

De Buyer Mineral B


From the look of it, this pan has a unique old-school feel to it. It is super simple with a slight modern touch to it. And this one is definitely handy to use – you can create all kinds of dishes without a fuss or drama. The fry pan is made from pure 100% of natural material and there is a protective layer of beeswax finish to it.

The non-stick coating is useful for convenient and hassle-free cooking. Since it contains no PFOA, PTFE, lead, or cadmium, you won’t have to worry about food contamination. There is no such a thing like metal leaking either, making your food completely safe and healthy. The pan has a convenient and nice construction that will make cooking fun. For a starter, it is compatible with the induction cooktop so it offers great flexibility and freedom. The pan looks simple and yet it has a nice solidity and thickness. It is between 2.5 mm and 3 mm thick which makes it sturdy and solid.

Thanks to the carbon steel material, you can expect a sturdy cookware with impressive heat distribution. The heat delivery is even, constant, and fast –it is a definite thing that you can fix up your food right away – no time to waste! Can you put it into the oven? Sure do! The pan is able to accommodate oven setting, up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 minutes. So, this cookware is great for baking too. Feel free to make your favorite desserts anyway you like it. If you read the carbon steel pan review, you will see that most users like it because the pan offers great use and functionality without any complication.

The pan has its own handle –and the construction comes with a signature uniqueness. Not only it is ergonomic, but it has a pretty tough construction. The riveted handle is solid so you won’t have to worry that it may fall off. The ergonomic design promotes nice balance and easy hold. And let’s not forget that this pan has a n attractive French curve that is just perfect for stirring, sautéing, and also flipping. Don’t forget to season the pan so you can enjoy the natural non-stick easiness.


  • The pan is proven to be solid, trusted, and reliable
  • You can use this pan to create various dishes and foods easily
  • You won’t have to worry about cleaning up


  • The pan will lose its visual appeal over time. So, it would be perfect for those who don’t really care about physical look

Sky Light Carbon Steel Wok Pan

Sky Light Carbon Steel Wok Pan


This pan has tons of things to like. Not only it is scratch resistant, but it also has its own handle that is detachable and easy to remove. It has gone through complicated process where it is forged from pure iron. The pan then has its own solid and tough construction –which is reinforced better with the carbon steel surface. Thanks to the carbon steel, you can expect fast and even heat distribution. You won’t have to worry about rusting or whatsoever because the pan will remain shiny and sturdy.

The design is nice and elegant. The deep cooking surface is nice for frying, even for stir frying purposes. Because of the carbon steel inclusion, you won’t have to worry about food contamination or metal leaking. The pan has its own non-stick coating surface, but you can actually expect a natural non-stick benefit from the carbon steel material. As long as you season it properly, you can expect a top-notch non-stick ability that will definitely affect the quality of the pan. The non-stick quality is also great to promote better (and easier) cleaning. No food will stick to the surface so you can rest assured that washing the pan would be super easy and convenient.

The handle is another thing to like about the pan. Not only you can remove the handle, but you can also do it without any tool. This detachable action can be useful for efficient storage as well as convenient travel. And the flat bottom construction is handy for all kinds of stovetops, including electric, gas, induction, and even open flames. Can you take this pan for camping? Why not? And let’s not forget that the pan is oven friendly, able to reach up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • The pan has a super premium quality that makes cooking and even cleaning a breeze
  • It is a reliable cookware promoting useful and convenient cooking
  • The pan has a solid and tough construction that can take everyday beat
  • It can last for good with proper maintenance and care


  • The non-stick ability doesn’t really last for good. Expect it to start peeling off after several months of use

BK Cookware Carbon Steel Skillet

BK Cookware Carbon Steel Skillet


This skillet has a nice dimension, around 10 inch in diameter. It feels just about right – not too big and yet not too small either. It should be more than enough to make foods for more than 2 people, and yet it also provides a nice supply of food for 2 to 3 people. After BK is a reliable brand that is known for their signature Dutch oven. You can entrust this brand for their premium lines of cookware and cooking utensils.

One thing to like about this brand is the fact that they use black steel materials, which is denser (try 3 times) when compared to aluminum. Based on carbon steel pan review, the material is also stronger – it is resistant to stain and corrosion. What about it when compared to the traditional gray (carbon) steel? It is definitely stronger and more solid too.  And since it is designed for long-lasting use, you won’t have to worry about damaging it. In fact, the more (and the more often) you use it, the more improved it will be with even improved non-stick performance. Is it compatible with the oven? Definitely. It is able to handle high temperature up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. And it is also compatible with metal utensils so you won’t have to worry scratching or peeling it off.


  • It has an absolute gorgeous design
  • The quality of the construction is superb
  • The cooking performance is also breathtaking


  • It isn’t a flat pan, so glass stovetop won’t work well with it

Matfer Bourgeat Round Pan

Matfer Bourgeat Round Pan


Carbon steel pan is just perfect for people with certain categories. The cookware would be perfect for those who don’t care about the look or the design, those who like to cook often, or those who are passionate about creative (and convenient) cooking.  With a diameter of 8.5 inch, the cookware is pretty convenient and handy to handle your cooking needs. The total diameter would be 8.5 inch but the cooking surface is around 6 inch in total. It would be just the right size for those who want to fix up enough food – but not too much.

This pan is created from black steel plate that ensures sturdiness and solidity. You can expect a tough cookware that can withstand the daily use, beat, and abuse. Just make sure that you season it first (and make sure to do it properly) with the medium heat so you can enjoy the natural non-stick benefit. If you do it right, you can enjoy a high-quality cookware that will last for good.  The pan itself comes with a solid handle that is super strong and high in quality. The handle can be super useful in helping you maneuver the food with its own comfortable grip and solid construction.

The pan has its own nice construction and structure for nice handling. You should be able to make all kinds of dishes with this pan. And let’s not forget about the clean-up. It isn’t difficult at all to clean and then care for the pan. As long as you only use warm and soapy water, you won’t have to worry about scratching or damaging the pan.


  • The pan has this nice feel to it – it feels solid without having too much weight
  • It is quite straightforward to clean and maintain the pan


  • Be ready with the common warp issue. Some users experience it fort their new and even old pans

Mauviel Carbon Steel Pan


This carbon steel pan has a great construction with high-quality material. Thanks to its super thick carbon steel/black steel material, this pan is proven to deliver effective cooking without compromising the flavor. With this pan, you can seal in the moisture and flavor so all of your foods will remain tasty and mouth-watering – while the exterior is thoroughly cooked and crisp. Don’t you love it when you can make premium food without any difficulty?

It is safe to say that this pan is made as a commercial grade product. After all, it is made in France, a country that is known for its culinary passion and professionalism. As a commercial premium produce, the pan is able to handle high temperature – which is perfect for perfect searing action as well as longer preheating requirement. You can expect its natural non-stick feature to pop-out – after all, carbon steel is known for this unique trait as long as you season it properly and correctly. Don’t be surprised if the pan gets dark over time – it means that the natural non-stick feature is honed completely. You can enjoy high quality cooking enjoyment with it.

If you read the carbon steel pan review, you will see that this cookware is functional for all kinds of cooking surfaces, including halogen, electric, gas, and even induction stovetop. It is also compatible with the oven where you can easily toss in the oven for a more flexible baking need. What about washing or cleaning up? No need to worry! Because of the non-stick feature, there is no food residue or food sticking to the surface. You can easily wash it in no time!


  • With proper seasoning and preparation, you can expect the pan to last for a long time
  • It is very easy to use
  • Cleaning up is a complete breeze – no drama at all!


  • It’s a little heavier than most people have expected

Those are some of the best candidates of the best cookware brands made from carbon steel. With these brands (and products), you should be able to enjoy high-quality cooking experience. The carbon steel pan review will also help you to narrow down your options to the most suitable pick.

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