Traveling Tips when Using a Cargo Carrier

Posted on June 19, 2020.

Once you have selected the perfect cargo carrier, it is now to start your journey. However, before you leave, there are some safety rules that you need to follow. Cargo carriers are an excellent way to carry extra luggage, but they pose a traffic risk to both the driver and other people using the road. There are many cases of goods being lost on the way or drivers rolling when taking sharp bends. Before you get a traffic ticket or cause a road accident, please consider the following road safety tips.

Car Weight Ratio

You will need to pull that car manual and carefully follow the instructions concerning car weight. Your car has a specific weight ratio if you exceed it you can cause accidents and damage to the vehicle. Most cargo carriers have a weight limit of between 75 and 250 pounds. If you overload your car, you will have trouble negotiating sharp corners or climbing steep mountains. The extra carload can cause your vehicle to overturn when making emergency brakes.

When packing ensure that you evenly distribute your weight in the cargo carrier. This to reduce a lot of loads been allocated to one area; which can cause difficulty when steering.

Secure your Goods

Before leaving make sure that you have tightly strapped everything in place. Use cargo anchors to secure your goods. Falling goods are a significant cause of accidents on the road. You also may lose costly goods on the way. In case you are using an open cargo carrier put a polythene sheet above your goods to prevent goods from being damaged by the rain.

Maintain Visibility

Remember you are not the only one using the road so fasten your goods in such a way that you do not obstruct other road users. Avoid having goods hanging from your side of the car because you may cause an accident when overtaking. Before leaving ensure that you can clearly use your side and rear view mirrors. Bicycle racks can at times affect visibility depending on how they are placed.

Tire pressure

Make sure your tires are well inflated. Extra luggage tends to affect tire pressure to ensure that you have evenly distributed the weight to prevent one tire from taking all the weight. Also, do not overinflate your tires as this car cause tire bursts and problems when steering.

Carry extra straps

It is recommended that you carry additional straps when traveling in case one of the straps breaks on the way. Goods can also become lost over long distances and you will need to be making regular stops to check your fasteners.

Load height

Extra loads change a cars’ center of gravity; SUV already have a high center of gravity, and additional loads increase it. This higher center of gravity creates more wind resistance; you spend more on fuel and can cause a vehicle to sway more.


Safety measures are there to protect both you and other road users from accidents. Before you leave make sure you have carried your driver’s licenses and that your car is insured.

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