Here What To Do If the Straps Don't Work

Posted on May 18, 2020.

What to do if the straps don't work – Are you familiar with tow dolly? Yap, it is an equipment that is beneficial for getting a vehicle from A to B when you conduct DIY move. You can install the tow dolly either on the hitch of astir van or round of your on truck. Those two ways are the best one. However, the most important thing from this towing is ensuring that everything works safely.

Thus, you are highly recommended to use tire straps in order to make the auto transport goes securely. Then, what if the strap doesn’t fit properly? What have to do? Don’t be panic! You can try to do these things before deciding to give up the tow:

1. Let the Air in

One that may be causing the straps don’t work appropriately is the air that out of the tires.Thus, try to let the air in the tires so the straps can fit in. If you let the air out, your vehicle can probably be harmful since the straps doesn’t attach precisely. Therefore, make sure that you concern about this well.

2. Use an Alternative

The straps that don’t work properly is dangerous to be used. Hence, it is nothing wrong if you attempt to complete your vehicle with tie down points on the frame. It is useful for enclosing to the cross part of auto transport. Alternatively, you can also employ the chains. In case of using chains or either tie down, remember that you must considering how many straps which will be used as well as the maximum weight of your vehicle, it should be deficient than the burden of the straps.

Tips for Using a Tow Dolly

To make everything is safe, you may consider several things below:

  1. Towing in neutral is not enough to avoid transmission damage. Therefore, you need to disconnect and protect the driveshaft when dragging your vehicle with rear-wheel drive, four-wheel drive on a tow dolly, or all-wheel drive on a tow dolly.
  2. It is strongly recommended to you not put a cargo on towed vehicle since it is too dangerous. Your vehicle can be swinging and whipping because the weight added by cargo while towing validation is depending on the empty weight.
  3. Swinging and whipping vehicle in tow can also be caused by hauling a vehicle backward. Henceforth, you must place front wheels on the dolly.
  4. Check both of vehicles that are involved to tow and make sure that the tires have appropriate pressure. It works to prevent the straps don’t fit in.
  5. Overall, the significance step you should take before towing your vehicle is consulting with reliable mechanic so you know what the best for towing your vehicle.

Steps to Load the Vehicle onto the Dolly

Here are the steps you may followed while loading your vehicle onto the dolly.

  1. Firstly, you exactly need to park the vehicles that are being towed and dolly in line with each other. Also, remember that the towing vehicle must be in brake set.
  2. Then, you can organize the tow dolly. Expand both ramps at the back of the dolly and release the straps from the ratchets as well as put them down on the ramps.
  3. Afterwards, centralize the load vehicle behind the car dolly then try to drive slowly on the ramps while looking into clearance issues until the vehicles tires meet against the stops at the front of the dolly.
  4. Next, secure the vehicle on the dolly by placing the straps up and over the tires. Ensure that all of them centered over the tire.

That is all what to do if the straps don’t work. Be careful while towing your vehicle.

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