How to handle Travel Emergencies Effectively

Posted on May 22, 2020.

While everyone would desire safe travel with no emergencies, this is often not the case. No matter how well we plan, things can go haywire at any point in time. However, this should not prevent you from planning. You should plan for your trip days ahead and have a checklist of items that you will need. Check with your insurance company on what your medical policy covers. We have some effective tips that you can use when traveling long distances.

Fasten your goods

If you chose to use a roof cargo carrier ensure that you have securely fastened all your goods. Carry additional fasteners because with travel the existing ones can become loose. Do regular checks to ensure that the fasteners are not loose. Secure your cargo from theft with locks. Many travelers will tell stories of how they lost goods on the way, let this not be you.

Spare tire

Ensure that your spare tire is well inflated in case you get a puncture. You can carry a pump to inflate the other tires if the place you are going to is far from a service station. You should also carry your driver’s license and ensure that your car insurance is up to date.

Carry lifesavers and additional fuel for long distances. Make sure you have taken your vehicle for service before embarking on any journey; check your oil and radiator water before you leave.

Medical Care

Ensure you drink clean water and eat healthy foods. Check with your local CDC center to find out whether there any vaccinations that you need to take before moving to different town.

Check whether your medical insurance is updated. In case of a medical emergency find the nearest medical center. Always carry a fully stocked first aid kit with emergency numbers that medical personnel can contact your family.


When traveling avoid drawing attention to yourself. Avoid dark alleys or unfamiliar roads. Familiarize yourself with local police numbers. If you see a crime being committed move away from the scene of the crime and contact the police. If you are traveling away from your country contact your embassy when there is a security problem. Always carry a map or a GPS tracker so that you can find your way around new locations without asking strangers for direction.


Carefully budget for any trip and carry some extra cash. Carry your ATM cards for that emergency and do not show off money as this will draw in thieves. Have someone back home who you can get an instant loan when you have an emergency.


Keep important numbers of family and friends that someone can contact when you have a medical emergency and become unconscious. This you can place in your wallet or any other place that is easy to see.


Many people like going for road trips and they are great ways to see the world. However, even with the best-laid plans emergencies for happen. You cannot prepare yourself for all of them but you can take some preventive measures.

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