Benefits of Trailer Hitch over Roof cargo carrier

Posted on June 19, 2020.

A trailer hitch is a mobile cargo carrier that is attached to a vehicle. Most vehicles usually come with a trailer hitch. When selecting the best trailer hitch select one that comes with its own brake lights. Trailer hitches can cause accidents, especially at night. This is because the person driving on your rear cannot see that there is another vehicle attached to yours. Roof carriers are merely attached to the cars crossbars and are the most common form of cargo carriers.


A trailer hitch can carry more load than a roof cargo carrier. When you are traveling with a large family and friends, then a trailer hitch would be more suitable. Trailer hitches come with strong and durable tires that are able to withstand different terrain.

You can also detach the trailer hitch and use your vehicle for other errands. The main problem with a roof cargo carrier is that you will have to mount and dismount it when you want to use the vehicle for official purposes and you do not want to be seen with the carrier.

There are large trailer hitches that can even accommodate persons in them. They come fitted with living quarters and kitchens.

Check with your manufacturer to find out your car’s carrying capacity. Do not damage your vehicle by overloading it.


The roof cargo carriers have the disadvantage of increasing the vehicle’s center of gravity. This leads to an increase in fuel efficiency and also affects the vehicle’s aerodynamics.

The trailer hitch is easy to carry, and you can navigate sharp bends easily. However, take care that the hitch is safely secured to avoid you leaving your trailer hitch behind.


Trailer hitches can be customized to suit a particular type of load. Most of the roof cargo carriers are factory made and are created to carry a specific type of load. A ski rack cannot be used for any other purpose. But, with a trailer hitch you can put personal touches on it; change color, increase size of trailer among others.

Vehicle Power

Check your manufacturer’s car manual before you purchase a trailer hitch. This is because they come in different sizes and your vehicle power will determine the one to buy. The receiver hitch also determines the type of trailer hitch to buy. Trailer hitches can carry very different loads with some even carrying tractors or power boats. Roof racks are limited when it comes to carrying capacity but they do not require a lot of vehicle power like the trailer hitch.


A trailer hitch is an awesome way to carry very heavy loads. They are convenient to move around, and you can dismount them on the camping ground as you run other errands with the vehicle. If you have been wondering how to move your favorite powerboat consider a trailer hitch. Ensure that your trailer hitch comes with brake lights to avoid accidents. Most come with an easy to attach cable that you connect to your vehicle.

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