20+ Cargo Carrier Brands You Should Know

Posted on May 16, 2020.

We compile 20+ list of brands where you can choose, if you are planning to buy any carrier for your car, make sure you find products of these brands.

Allen Sports

Since 1971, Allen bike racks has been sold nationally by many bicycle distributors. Dick Allen, the founder of Allen Sports, was a cycling enthusiast himself. His innovative bike-carrying device was the very result of him trying to find an efficient method to carry bicycles on weekends. Simplicity is where Allen Sports excel at, and it shows throughout all its product lines.


Arksen is a company that makes a lot of stuff in the home improvement, pet, outdoors, kitchen, car, and trucks niche. Their products range from pasta maker to hitch-mounted carriers. While their products are diverse, all of them have something in common – high quality and affordable price.


Cargoloc is a cargo carrier brand from Allied International. This company makes more than just cargo carriers. Under the Cargoloc brand, this company also makes anchors, bike storage, bungee cords, cable ties, garage storage solutions, shop accessories, straps, tarps, and tie downs. In summary, Cargoloc is a brand that covers your every cargo carrying needs.

CURT Manufacturing

This company is well-known for its towing equipment. Actually, that has been the case since 1995. Their line of custom color hitches hit the market on 1998. Since then, the name CURT has been synonymous to a reliable cargo management solution that the average people can rely on to take care all of their gear. Their commitment to their customers is the main reason why people trust CURT products.


E-GO Bike LLC is a company headquartered in Hayward, California. E-GO specializes in fashionable e-bikes and e-bike accessories. However, the quality of their cargo carriers is nothing to scoff at. Their cargo carriers are made to last while remaining aesthetically pleasing. A cargo carrier may not leave much room for any fashionable and chic touches, but if you have an E-GO carrier, you know it won’t be an eyesore.


The Goplus brand is a familiar one in the automotive world. You will come across it when you shop for bike hitch carriers, hitch-mounted luggage basket, garage floor jack, and various other tools and hardware related to cars. Goplus products are affordable yet tough and dependable.


Heininger has been around for quite a while, offering people like you the solution to their limited space problems. Heininger’s cargo carrier is easy to assemble and includes an anti-wobbling device that minimizes Established in February 1998, Heininger’s quest to enhance road travel continues to this day.


As one of the leaders in cargo management, Highland is determined to make your road trips as stress-free as possible. Their cargo organizing lines include rooftop carriers, truck racks, bike racks, cargo trays and bags, storage nets and cargo bars, and interior organization solutions. The experiences they have gained since 1945 give them the ability to exceed your expectations.

Hollywood Racks

What started as a small operation behind a bike shop in 1973, has grown into a large business producing bike racks that fit trailer hitches, trunks, or spare tires. Today, many people put their trust in Hollywood Racks whenever they need something to carry their bikes safely on their cars over thousands of miles. Hollywood Racks’ reputation of being reliable, has earned them that trust.


Keeper has been in the business of cargo management for over 30 years, and they’re excellent at it. All of Keeper’s products, including their towing and electric winches, are geared to perfection. To this day, Keeper stays true to their tagline - Performance Engineered. Their cargo management products are perfect for on-the-go families looking to bring tons of gears on their next outings.

Maxxtow Towing Products

Maxxtow is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for various towing products. Maxxtow was originally founded in 1996 as a trading company, but it started to make its own towing products in 1999. In 2011, this company developed its own brand, MaxWorks, to cater its growing customer base in the USA.


As a B2C manufacturer and distributor, Merax sells more than just cargo carriers. This company offers a multitude of products such as exercise machines, furniture, pet supplies, and much more. Headquartered near LA, California, Merax continues to expand its business to provide you with exceptional product selections at exceptionally affordable prices.

Pro Series

When you want a towing product that gives you Legendary Value, you go with Pro Series product line. Such is the promise of Cequent Performance Products that owns the Pro Series trademark. This company makes a diverse array of products, and their goal is to make products that offer the best value and made by the best people.

RAGE Powersports

Once you start searching for cargo management solutions, you will stumble upon RAGE Powersports product again and again. This brand is one of the most trusted names when it comes to loading, hauling, and transporting. Whether you need to carry bags, bikes, or pets, RAGE Powersports has got your back covered.

Rightline Gear

On any road trip, you can always count on Rightline Gear carriers to haul your cargo around. Both their top and back carriers are popular due to their strength and waterproof feature. Rightline Gear also makes a variety of Pop-up, SUV, and truck tents. If your family loves to go camping, you’re going to love Rightline Gear.


Coming from down under, ROLA made its first roof rack to accommodate the need of an avid Australian windsurfer to carry a surfboard in a convenient and stylish manner. Today, it’s not just Aussies that put their confidence in ROLA whenever they need durable cargo carriers. Wherever your adventures are taking you, ROLA is ready to haul your gears in style.


Not everyone has roof racks on their cars, and Roofbag knows this very well. This company, as you might have guessed, makes roof bags that fit cars with or without roof racks or crossbars. The sheer convenience and unique design have made Roofbag a popular choice among adventurers with bare car roofs.


It’s pretty rare to come across companies that are willing to give a lifetime warranty on their products. Saris is one of those rare breeds. Saris makes highly efficient bike racks that fit on the back of your car easily. Their rock-solid lifetime warranty is a clear sign of how confident they are about the quality of their bike racks.


SportRack’s bike racks, cargo boxes, and roof racks are well-received by consumers because of SportRacks commitment to quality. Their products are loaded with useful and innovative features that make cargo carrying a less stressful chore for adventurous families.


Surco cargo carriers are made in the USA. They rely on in-house manufacturing facilities instead of asking other company to make the cargo racks for them and then slap the Surco brand all over. That means, you don’t just get a generic product, but something that’s developed and made by a company that understands what their customers want.


No doubt you’ve heard of this brand being recommended in many forums and online discussion whenever the topic of cargo carrying pops up. Established in 1942 in Sweden, Thule has come a long way. They’ve been helping millions of people bringing their boards, bikes, skis, camping gears wherever they want to go. That’s their mission, and you can be sure they will continue doing that for years to come.


TMS is well-known for its aluminum SUV roof racks. The reason is pretty obvious; their roof racks strike a balance between a high-quality product and a reasonable price tag. Their products appeal to those who wishes for dependable roof racks for their cargo that doesn’t cost an arm and leg.


Yakima is right there with Thule as the most well-appreciated brands in the world of cargo carrying. Their cargo boxes and rack systems are superb and, just like Thule, have been recommended over and over again by people who already used them for numerous outdoor adventures.


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