One of the most important parts of a computer is the monitor itself. A highly functioning CPU means nothing if the monitor fails to display images on the screen. Knowing how to take care of your computer monitor is imperative especially for individuals who spend so much time in front of their computers. If you want to maintain its longevity, then read on!

Surge Protector

You need make use of a surge protector. Note that you should never plug your display into the wall current directly as damage caused by an electrical spike generally is not covered by warranties provided by manufacturer. Therefore, it’s better to use surge protector, preferably one that is of good-quality.

Mind the Vents

The air vents on the sides or top of the monitor should never be covered. Doing so may very well lead to a dangerous heat buildup. If it constantly happens, components might get damaged and consequently will shorten their lives. It’s highly recommended that you use a new paintbrush periodically or even the brush attachment of a vacuum cleaner in order to get rid of accumulated dust on the ventilation holes of the monitor. This is a particularly simple way how to take care of your computer monitor that can contribute a lot to your monitor’s durability. Bottom line, you need to place or use your computer on soft surfaces such as bed or carpeted floors for it will prevent the air from flowing through the computer. Another great way to avoid overheating is to invest in a fan or cooling pad.

Leave the Monitor On

Did you know that when power on your computer first applied is considered as one of the most dangerous moments in an electronic component’s life? It’s not always a good idea to suddenly turn on your computer after it’s been turned off for so long the component is practically cold. Turning your monitor on and off so often should be avoided as it could be dangerous when the component goes from uncharged and cold to full of electricity and warm.

Take a Look at the Connections

The cable between the video card and the monitor must not pinched or crimped. You need to ensure that it is attached firmly at each end. Should you need to make some adjustments and it just so happens that the monitor has a detachable cable, then unplug it and re-plug it into the receptacle on the monitor. It sounds simple, right? But did you know that it could remove any corrosion and reset a loose connection on any of the connectors?

In case it does not work then simply unplug and the monitor cable at the computer end and reconnect it. In doing so, you might need the help of a thumbscrew or a screwdriver in order to unlock the connection before unplugging it. You should use these locking screws when re-pluggin the cable too.

Klutzproof the Monitor

Lastly but obviously, you need to make sure that the monitor itself is installed on a sturdy desk safely. The cable should be properly out of tripping range of any passersby. Kindly note to never place cups of soda or coffer anywhere in the vicinity.

Lastly, you can use a damp soft cloth to remove dust from the monitor. Dust can decrease airflow and thus resulting in overheating. Picking up Air Dusters is a simple step to clean dust on a regular basis. If you use a soft cloth then damp it and wipe the monitor carefully downward very gently. Remember not to press too hard on to the screen.

If you’ve worked so hard to get your computer, then it’s almost crucial to know how to take care of your computer monitor because it’s a valuable electronic investment. Wanting to take care of it properly should be a basic instinct.

What is the difference between LED and LCD is the question we often hear dealing with the use of monitor either for computer or for television. LED and LCD come with the different acronym. They are a bit confusing their hardly similar words. They are coming up again and again when it comes for you to choose a television or a computer monitor.

Perhaps, you have been familiar with the two terms but you haven’t understood what the difference between the two. Now I am sure that you are wondering about LED and LCD used in the screen. Both LED and LCD use LCD technology to support backlighting. Old LCD TV screen used Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps (CCFLs) to support backlighting; meanwhile, LED TV screen makes use an array of smaller Light-Emitting Diodes (LED) to illuminate the screen.

To know more about it, here’s how it works.


In spite of the different acronym distinguishing LED from LCD, however, an LED screen is just a specific type of LCD screen. Both types of the screen use LCD to support backlighting which is displayed on the screen. These panels are generally consisting of two sheets of polarizing substance with a liquid crystal solution. It works when an electric current passes through the liquid, the crystal align the light to pass through the liquid too.

What is the difference between LED and LCD lies on the three different forms of illumination used in LCD screen. Those are CCFL backlighting, Full-array LED backlighting and LED edge lighting.

CCFL backlighting is cheaper that the other forms of illumination used in the inside of the TV behind the LCD display. All the pictures will have such similar brightness level as a result of the lights illumination towards the crystal evenly. This aspect much influences the picture quality.

Full-array backlighting tends to swaps the outdated CCFLs for LEDs. It is placed in the back of LCD screen. This can create better pictures than CCLFs LCD TV.

Edge lighting is another form of LCD screen illumination. It edge-lits TVs with LEDs along the edges of the screen. This is good for pictures brightness capability so that the pictures quality is getting enhanced.

Local Dimming

Local dimming is a feature of LED LCD screen in which the LED light source behind the LCD is dimmed and illuminated to match based on the picture demands. LCD is not able to completely prevent light from passing through in the darkness of the scenes so that it dims the light source to create impressive contrast in the picture. On the other hand, LED is intended to have been dark. This is where the difference of LED and LCD lay.


As confusing as LED and LCD, OLED and QLED also come with the aim of confusing you too. It sounds funny, however, you need to know about the two. You will find OLED displays on high-end TVs in place of LEDs, but it means that LEDs is still with their own premium technology.

On the other hand, QLED is a premium tier of LED LCD derived from Samsung. Its feature can update illumination technology over the regular LED LCD. That’s why QLED is more efficient.


Overall, LED and LCD which has quite similar sounding differ only a little bit in the way they are supporting the backlight. What is the difference between LED and LCD is not uncommon question to find out the answer. It is necessary to know both of them only when you are going to own a television or a computer monitor.

When it’s time to gaming, one should think about the best gaming monitor under 200 due to the fact that monitor plays a very important role. Can you expect the affordable monitor without spending a lot of money? Oh surely you can because the best gaming monitor under 200 is also existing.

To fill the expectation of the serious gamers to find the very affordable monitor, we aim to show some best gaming monitor which has cheap price that is under 200. You will be very happy to hear that. So make up your minds about the following top models we are suggesting.

Acer H226HQL Bid 21.5-Inch WideScreen LCD Monitor

This product becomes popular for its cheap widescreen monitors. Beside, Acer H226HQL Bid 21.5-Inch WideScreen LCD Monitor has a stylish slim bezel design that makes it loveable. Manufactured by the top brand such as Acer, this type of gaming monitor delivers an outstanding performance.

Besides having an amazing cheap price which is under 200, this monitor type offers IPS panel technology. It will give you impeccable viewing angels supported by the 178 degrees for either horizontal or vertical. Although there is angles for the viewing, however, this monitor presents a good image quality.

What makes people love this unit is that the colors displayed are vibrant and precise at the same time. Moreover, one of the top point offered by this monitor is the quality of the screen to display you video games and movies.

BenQ ZOWIE RL2455T 24 Inch Full HD Gaming Monitor

As one of the best gaming monitor under 200, this type is considered to be a stronger monitor which is best used for computers, televisions, and other electronics. This model comes also with an affordable price but it carries top features, too.

One of the top points that most people like about this unit is the fast response. It provides 1ms response time and become great when it should eliminate lag. You will also have a better performance of gaming by the feature of ultra-low input lag technology. You can extremely go with the refresh rate which is up to 75Hz.

The greatest part of this model is the exclusive color enhancer. The dark gaming scenes will be enhanced by the black equalizer to make the color visible when it comes to gaming in dark environment.

Asus 24-Inch Full HD FreeSync Gaming Monitor

Asus 24-inch gaming monitor comes as one of the best gaming monitor under 200 with the response time recognition. This model is completed with the GameFast technology to minimize the input lag which means you will have a fast response time.

Asus 24-inch gaming monitor offers a flexible connectivity, too. The dual HDMI connectivity enables you to connect the PC to the model using the ports. It also carries a smart cable management on the stand to clean the gaming areas.

The visuals appearance of this unit is very smooth due to the AMD FreeSync technology. It is great in the gaming of shooters, racing, and real-time strategic games.

BenQ GL2460HM 24-Inch Full HD 1080p 2ms LED Gaming Monitor

This is another option of best gaming monitor under 200. The overall performance is coming with multiple features. You will be able to enjoy the game along with this gaming monitor. Designed to serve you an enjoyable gaming, this monitor type is measured 16mm slim bezel display. Your desktop will look nice and great by this monitor size. The best performance is also offered by the fast response time you could get with this model.


Overall, you might conclude that it is always possible to get one monitor among the 4 best gaming monitor under 200. All you need to do is that you can find more complete information before finally make a decision that is choosing the gaming monitor suiting your budget. Don’t hesitate to find it to fulfill your expectation and enjoyment of gaming without spending much money.

How to fix black screen on second monitor becomes the most typed question in the search engine. Since black screen comes as one of the problems which are distracting to work with the computer, it is very prominent to find the solution which is applicable and understandable individually.

The black screen on second monitor may come due to the connection of the second monitor via VGA with an unknown resolution. If you have tried to change the resolution as well as restarted the computer and nothing going back as normal, you need some sorts of solution.

For this kind of problem, there are typically two methods dealing with how to fix black screen on second monitor.  Provide your ten minutes and you will find the way to get rid of your problems soon.

First Method

The first method of how to fix black screen on second monitor deals with the hardware and the devices troubleshooter. If your computer is featured by Windows 10, it should have had a built-in troubleshooter to check and fix the issues of hardware and devices. Run the troubleshooter to find out if the issue is going with the Bluetooth adapter. The steps are as follows:

  1. The first step is to press Windows key + X and choose control panel. Make sure you have known the position of the both menu options.
  2. Then, change the option view by on the top right into large icons. Click carefully and confidently.
  3. Next is to click the troubleshooting and view all in the position of “on” which is located on the left panel.
  4. The fourth step is to run the hardware and devices troubleshooter.
  5. Check whether or not the issue is resolved by restarting your computer.

Second Method

The second method of how to fix the black screen on second monitor is related with the updating the second monitor drivers. This method includes four short steps which is very understandable and applicable for beginner or the new comer of computer users. Check down the following second method:

  1. The first thing you must do is to press windows key + X
  2. Choose the Device manager which is available in the menu.
  3. The third step is to select the Monitor driver and then expand right click. Afterwards, you must select the update.
  4. The screen will show you some instruction. Make sure you follow all of the instructions without missing left.

These two methods often prove right and applicable for some users when they need to know how to fix black screen on second monitor. It may take time to fix the computer monitor problems by your self, however, you will find it very beneficial if you had known the ways. Anytime you experience the same problems, you will be able to fix it fast because you have experienced them before.

Never hesitate to find out more information if something wrong goes with your computer monitor. All of the information is available in the related sites to help you. if you have enriched more about what to do with the problems, you will go smarter about anything deals with the computer matter.


Out of the two incredible methods of how to fix black screen on second monitor presented above, it is concluded that you must check the hardware and the devices as well as update the second monitor driver. The hardware and devices can be overlooked through the built-in troubleshooter which is featuring the monitor. Meanwhile, to update the second monitor driver, you can go to device manager menu and follow the instructions given. Have a nice try!

Have ever thought of some ways to improve your monitor? Perhaps, you could sit behind the desk and computers for the whole day without considering how to improve your monitor in order to perform better. Thus, your visit to our page is the right choice to find some valuable information about how to improve the monitor. We aim to show you the ways, so give us your ten minutes now!

Fit The Monitor For The Best Picture

Although you are coming without background study of graphic design or video editor, you are certainly able to fit the color to be consistent and accurate.  Touch up the photos and correct the colors are the best you can do first. Make sure you have turned on the display and set up the native screen resolution. Be familiar with your display control. Look at the front panel and see button near the power button to switch the input, open, and navigate the “on” screen options menu. Find your colors, contrast, and brightness control.

Choose the Game with Higher Resolution than Your Monitor Support

The next tip of the ways to improve your monitor is to play the game with higher resolution than the monitor support. Use the lesser-known type of anti-aliasing to get the sharper images during gaming only if your monitors’ native resolution is not that compatible with the games you want to play.

Hide Your Stuff Behind The Monitor

If you have a desk with less space, you might use your monitor to hide all the necessary stuff nearby. Those can be your laptop, cables or external hard drive. This will make your desk free and easy.

Pair Your Monitor with Your Tablet

Paring the monitor with the tablet means that you are not using your main monitor, however, you are about offloading some windows to your tablet to make the screen look more real. This application will connect your mobile device to the monitor.

Use Your Monitor for The Background Of The Photo

Taking more professional-looking photos is possible by using the perfect backdrop. Just seek a good background for your monitor and set the object you are capturing in front of the monitor. As a simple example, when you use a blue background, you will easily have “blue screen”. This idea is very good in making your desk feel more spacious.

Maximize Your Multiple Monitors

It is common to say that staying with just one small monitor is so sticking. Therefore, many of us like to make two, three and even many more monitors to feel the screen as real as possible. This is one of the ways to improve your monitor amazingly. You can maximize your dual monitors or the multi-monitor by referring to the guidelines about how to set up more monitors.

Control Your Monitor Using Apps and Shortcuts

Although your monitor has been featured by built-in tools for basic settings tweaks, you are able to use apps and the keyboard shortcuts to adjust your screen automatically. if you want to put your monitor quickly in certain menu such as sleep, you can simply use the shortcuts.

Tweak Your Monitor To Read Better

Many of us feel uncomfortable to read books or articles on the computers. It is not eye-friendly. However, you can use the adjustable monitor stands which is calibrating especially for reading. The screen of the monitor will be extended and modified.

Buy the Best New Monitor

Buying the best new monitor seems to be the greatest idea among the ways to improve your monitor. Sometimes, it is good to upgrade the monitor to make better workspace. Although you will spend more in your budget, however, this idea is coming with minimum effort.


Over the 9 best ways to improve your monitor, you might be inspired by one of which suit you best. I personally recommend the last idea as the best way only if you can afford it. Otherwise, you can still try the other tips as well.

There is always argumentation about PC gaming but none proves to be good, especially about best budget gaming monitor 2019. Some classical opinions keep going strong while these millennium years are getting more and more new logical thinking. Apart from the different point of view, everything relates to gaming experience is very interesting since enjoying game is more than just the title you are playing on.

In these times of our gaming world, today’s games require a monitor which provides gamers a good visual for the favorite games in order to immerse in the game. A gaming monitor should contain more than just some standards features, such as a high resolution, faster refresh rates, full speaker system, and etc. You can take those into consideration when it’s time to determine what kind of gaming monitor is good in budget and quality.

What you need to do is to think about spending less amounts of cash to get a new gaming monitor. There should be many options available for cheaper gaming monitor which come with high resolution, great sound, and other considerable key features which will complete your gaming as you expected. Check out the 5 best budget gaming monitor 2018 below for more certainty.

Acer XFA24O

Acer XFA24O

Acer XFA24O

Aver XFA24O possesses high-end options for a reasonable price which highlights you as one of the serious gamer. The monitor is measured 24-inch display along with the feature of 1,920 x 1, 080-pixel resolution. The refresh rate which reaches 144Hz ensures you that there will be no lag during the gameplay due to the supporting screen that comes with AMD FreeSync technology. This feature is very beneficial to avoid monitor gaming problems.

Acer’s scree also uses a flicker-less design which is easy for your eyes. The blue light filter of the screes will reduce eye strain when you play the game at night. You will also feel more comfortable by the screen adjustment options which include height, pivot, tilt and swivel. This screen feature is also supported by the two 2W of the speakers in Acer’s screen.

LG 25UM56P

LG 25UM56P

LG 25UM56P

As one of the best budget gaming monitor 2018, LG 25UM56P is considered to be very affordable monitor completed by the features of ultra-wide screen. It comes with 25-inch display along with the pixel resolution of 2,560 x 1.080. By this wide size, you will be able to play games in 16:9 on the monitor and view letterboxes positioned on the left and right of the screen.

Perhaps, you can use this monitor well if you use it combined with one, two or three others and spilt the screen across the large display.

LG 29-Inch UltraWide

LG 29 inch

LG 29 inch

If you are more interested in gaming monitor with ultra-wide, LG 29-ich is good to start with. The screen is measured 29-inch completed with the resolution of 2,560 x 1, 080 and the screen split of 2.0 technologies. You can have one big screen by combining four ultra-wide together so that you can display all your content.

Samsung C27F591

Samsung Curved Design

Samsung Curved Design

If you want to create an immersive gaming monitor, Samsung C27F591 is the nice-looking one that will fulfill your expectation about to get one of the best budget gaming monitors 2018. The monitor features 27 inches and uses AMD FreeSync technology to lessen stuttering as well as latency when you are gaming. You can make use of the Eye Saver Mode which has built-in feature to keep your eyes awake strongly for the whole day. The monitor features 1,920 x 1,080 pixels represented by black and white color. You can also create an immersive gaming by the existence of the high quality of five-watt stereo speakers.


Finally you come to the conclusion that the four best budget gaming monitor 2018 reviewed above is very considerable to pick up in order to get more enjoyable gaming experience. Don’t hesitate to open this page again to get the information before you finally choose an option about gaming monitor you are willing to have.

What does a computer monitor say no signal is the common confusing questions arise among the computer users. When you are working with the computer or playing game and find the message entitled “No Signal”, it is not actually a message coming from your computer but from your display device. It indicates that the display has nothing to view.

This case often occurs when you start up the computer. I personally experience this “No Signal” case many times. Therefore, on this special site I would like to share you about what does a computer monitor say no signal.

There might be some possible causes existing toward “No Signal” problem on your computer monitor. The display point of view shows that it is not a big deal. It is just one of the simple situations. When you are expecting a signal and you don’t get it, the display sends you a message what’s going on.

As simple as that situation, you may simply check some possible causes as follows:

On-Off Between The Display and The Computer

It is common to occur that the display is on while the computer is not. It is might be because of human ignorance. You may forget to turn on the computer so that the signal does not appear to your monitor. For this case, you can check your computer as well as your monitor. Turn of the monitor and start to turn on both your computer and your monitor.

Disconnection of The Cable

You may find the answer of what does a computer monitor say no signal that the cable which is connecting the computer to the display is disconnected. It can happen under the situation that you miss to connect it or due to some unintentional movement of another devices nearby so that the cable removes.

Faulty Connection of The Cable

Faulty connection of the cable can also become one of the causes of “No Signal”. Sometimes, you might connect the cable improperly. In other words, you may connect the cable but it is not in the right place supposed to.

Hibernate Mode Of the Computer

“No Signal” appearing on the computer monitor can also because of the hibernate mode of the computer. This mode often makes the display off so that it appears no signal when you start up again. Well, this is one of the problems of what does a computer monitor say no signal.

The Existence of Multiple Display Input and Output

When your computer has multiple display inputs, it is possible for you to select the wrong one. Or perhaps, when your computer has multiple display output, one output of the display may not enable. This problem is considered a common one when you have an external display to work with a laptop.

Broken Computer

When you have checked all the on-off of your computer and your monitor as well as the hardware and it still appears “No Signal”, you might assume that your computer is broken. Herein, you must call the person who is able and expert in computer to examine what actually happens with your computer. If you need to change your computer, well, it is suggested that you find the new one for more satisfactory.


Out of the 6 possible cases as the answer of what does a computer monitor say no signal, we might come to conclude that the misconnection and wrong connection between the cables which is relating the computer to the monitor is the major causes. Now that you have had this information, you can be able to check either your computer or your monitor if you find “No Signal” problem.

Have you found the answer of why is my monitor flickering? The question might come along when you are playing game restrictedly. Imagine that you can’t enjoy and continue the game because of the flickering monitor. If you are experience this case, the first thing you need to find out is the possible causes.

On this page, you will find such information of possible cases why the monitor is flickering. The brief description will be divided into two parts which will discuss the possible causes of flickering monitor and how to fix it. This way is done to complete your searching that after finding the case you will get the solution as well. Check out the following:

Possible Causes

There are typically three possible causes of why is my monitor flickering. Those are the bad display driver, the bad connection between the monitor and the PC, and the monitor which is going worse.

  1. Bad Display Drive

Flickering on a monitor is not an uncommon thing to happen as an existing monitor problem. You need to restart in safe mode since your PC uses a generic display driver when it is switched to Safe Mode. After going in Safe Mode, you have to download the latest driver out of your graphics card manufacturer. Then restart in Normal Mode. The flickering will soon disappear.

  1. Bad Connection

The second reason of why is my monitor flickering is the bad connection. This can happen when you are using a VGA cable to connect your PC to the monitor. It is because VGA cables are analog. Many obstructions toward the display happen such as missing pin, loose connection, bad color and flickering. To get rid of this case, you may try a different cable or the same cable on another PC. If the problem persists, the problems may come from the monitor’s end. Shortly, replace the cable.

  1. Bad Monitor

The last but not least of the reason why is my monitor flickering is the bead monitor. If you possess a larger CRT monitor than a flat panel LCD or LED monitor, the monitor can go bad after a while. You may try to use different screen on your set up and check out whether or not the flickering persists. If not, it means that you need to change your old monitor.

Other Causes

Apart from the three possible causes above, there are still many other causes of flickering you can check them out here as the following:

Considering the issue of why is my monitor flickering, the simplest thing to do to fix it is to change your old monitor. The old monitor is commonly going bad. However, if you think you can’t afford to change the monitor by purchasing a new one, you can still have some solution of how to fix it.

How To Fix The Flickering Monitor

The number of methods comes to be successful in fixing the flickering issues. After identifying the causes of why is my monitor flickering, you may already find the answer so that you can determine which solution to help you fix the issues.


As a final thought, it is concluded that the question of why is my monitor flickering will get the answer as long as you are able to identify the possible causes that may happen. Make sure you carefully check the monitor and find the solutions as soon as possible.

Since the satisfaction of PC gaming is often determined by the PC monitors, we aim to show you how to buy the best PC monitors through this article. So, keep on reading these overall tips to get the best tips. As previous information, general PC monitors has been possible throughout the time. It doesn’t bring a serious case when the monitor is used only for work, school or surfing. However, if you expect more you must afford more as well as take the effort more.

Thus, if you want more about PC monitors, here are the tips to get the best PC monitors ever.

How to Shop The Best PC Monitors

How to shop a monitor deals with the way you are going to buy the monitor. If you are going to buy online, you must check the feature and specification of the monitor in detail. Don’t miss any valuable information given, whether it is about the readable screen, the display, size and dimension, the brand, the warranty, or many others.

However, if you want to shop just from the electronic stores, then you must check it carefully, too. The advantage of shopping offline is that you can see the unit with the real fact. You can be able to check all the things and ask more questions directly to the seller. Remember, checking the product detail before purchasing is one of the important ways of how to buy the best PC monitor.

Consider the Size

monitor size

monitor size

The size of the monitor is the second thing you need to think over. It won’t be a great deal if you need the PC monitor for work, school task or movies only, however, it finds more to determine when you want If you want more satisfying gaming with the large screen to give you real-like gaming atmosphere, then you must buy the large one. The size must also be suitable with the desk you have already had.

Other thing you must consider about the size is that you must calculate the width and height of the display along with its ratio.

Is it Flat or Curve?

It has been considered that the curved monitors are better to create a single display wider so that you don’t have to sit too far back to get the screen look wider. In this case, you will be able to see the entire screen without moving your head too often. However, too much curve could be distracting, while too little curve could be like flat. If you want to sit in the sweet zone, the curved one is recommended.


Usually, price is the first thing to consider when a person is trying to find out how to buy the best PC monitor.  The more increasing features of a monitor, the more expensive price you have to afford. Some other aspects determining the boost of price include the smaller pixel pitch, broader color spectrum and higher contrast along with the niche capabilities for gaming or graphics.

Viewing Angels

The viewing angles refer to whether the screen is readable or not. It is decided from the side and the consistency of the colors remains. You can get cheapest one that tends to be lower in the monitors which have 178-degree VA.


The next thing to think over to know how to buy the best PC monitor is the resolution. Although in some cases, it does not a matter, however, you still need to know the number of pixels the screen has either horizontal or vertical.


Apart from the six tips of how to buy the best PC monitor, you still need to consider other things including the color, marketing, panel technology and the monitor screen. All of the necessary information can be found in the unit box or by consulting to the manufacture. These six tips are the most common things which spring people’s mind about the way. Hopefully, it gives you enough lists to know.

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